Nanobot (Havana Parody) | A Capella Science ft. Dorothy Andrusiak



(Music: ‘Havana’ by Camila Cabello)To plan a nanobot
Map out the molecules to span the nanobot
Add on the motors used to man the nanobot
Signals to talk with a commander
Software and logic’s grammar
Programmed in nanobotBeginning you better control the movement
(The thermal storm abrew)
Room temperature systems are always moving
(Your system’s moving too)
The pieces and links you pick will
(The states it can assume)
As is it’ll randomly shuffle through themNow force it with the right
Ordered and energetic
A bias in the setup
Adding entropy through
A cycle that’ll let it
Put work to load
Oh na na nanobotSo plan your nanobot
With steps whose opposite’ll jam the nanobot
Barriers free energy expenditure will drop
To let it pass and then to catch it
Go through the door and latch it
A ratchet nanobotLet’s see
You’ve animated these lil’ gadgets? Damn!
Next let’s see you handle informatics fam
1-0 the structure of a cache or RAM
Switches are the way to data save and plan (flip it on)
Flip it chemically
Or electrically
Add a flippable knee (then what?)
Make a little more deep
The decisional tree (data)
If you need a calculator how be
Logic gates, like “a, not b”
Input’s a cation, as key (that’s key)
And you get a photon as a readingSo plan your nanobot
To be in part an info scanner nanobot
Reading and writing coded data that allot
Freedom to do as you program it
A Turing automatic
Full gamut nanobot

Doesn’t that look life-like? (x3)

(Break me down I am)

A metananobot
The muse and model of synthetic nanobots
Working in concert as a replicable lot
For all I try to be more than it
Though sentient and organic
I am a nanobot


A sensuous song of molecular machines.
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[18] ‘Inner Life of the Cell,’ © 2006 President and Fellows of Harvard College. Created by Alain
Viel, PhD and Robert Lue, PhD in collaboration with XVIVO, LLC and John Liebler, Lead
Animator. Made possible through the generous support of the Howard Hughes Medical
Institution’s Undergraduate Science Education Program.

Author: dhobson