How To Go To Space (with XKCD!)

Video Transcript

Hello! This computer movie will
explain how to go to space using only the ten hundred words in
our language that people use the most. Going to space is hard. First because the Earth
pulls things toward it, so not only do you have to fight
the Earth’s pull to get to space, you also have to go really fast to the side,
so that when you fall back toward Earth you miss and go around, instead. That’s how you stay in space. The best way we know of to
get to space and stay there is an up-goer that burns fire-water, usually made from all dead animals or the kind of air that once burned
the big sky-bag, and people died. The burning fire-water hits the
inside of the up-goer so hard that it pushes the up-goer up. Actually, it pushes the up-goer
away from where the fire comes out. If the fire-end points toward space,
you are having a bad problem, and will not go to space, today. There are often several fire-water
burning parts to an up-goer, so that after you use up
the fire-water in one part, you can drop it, and don’t have to
lift it all the way to space too. Space is cold and has no air, so if you want to go to space and live, you need to be on an up-goer that has a
room for people in it, usually on top. This room has heaters, and air,
and no holes, so that you can stay alive, and a window, so that you can
enjoy looking at Earth from space. It also has a thick side, so that if
you want to come back from space, you won’t burn up from all the
air you hit on the way down. Hitting air helps slow you down a lot, but to help slow down even more,
there are big sheets to catch air too, so you don’t hit the ground too hard. We humans pretty much always have several
up-goers almost ready to go to space. But if you try to get in one of them,
a lot of people would get really mad at you, and you’d get in trouble and probably
go into a locked room behind bars. If you want to use an up-goer to go
to space instead of into that room, you have to have many
important people say “OK”. Before they say “OK”, you have to
prepare to go to space for many years. If you want to be like many people
who went to space in the past, you should go to school to learn to fly
sky-boats, and be really good at it. You also need to be able to see and hear
very well, and not get a sick body or head. There are many other things you need to
be good at, too, and you need to be lucky. But if you’re good, and lucky,
and all the important people say “OK”, then maybe you can go to space someday. Thanks for watching. If you like confusing
stuff explained in simple words, you’ll probably like the
book “Thing Explainer” by the man who wrote the picture story,
XKCD, and the book called “What if?”. You can find
“Thing Explainer” at book stores, or by using your computer to search the
place where many computers think together, or by looking in the words
below this computer movie. I also want to add that I am
a huge fan of XKCD and… I’m just super excited to
be able to make this video. You should definitely check out
“Thing Explainer” if you’re into XKCD, it’s a great book, it’s really fun,
the drawings are really fun to pore through, and Randall’s done a great job with it, it’s beautiful. And if you like
this video, this style of video, please, let me know, share,
I’m excited to see what you think. Thanks for watching.

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Thanks to Randall Munroe (of XKCD, What If?, and Thing Explainer) and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for making this video possible!Music by Nathaniel Schroeder Created by Henry Reich

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