Entropic Time (Backwards Billy Joel Parody) | A Capella Science



Woah arrow of entropic time
Woah arrow of entropic

If you made a scrambled egg tonight
There’d be no return to yolk and white
And when it’s fried you
Can’t turn it back to raw food
That is the arrow of entropic time

Structure decomposes til it’s gone
Hot spots cool and entropy grows on
My room was cleaner
Now looks like Godzilla’s been there
Not my fault; blame it on entropic time

Woah arrow of entropic time
Woah arrow of entropic

Stars explode and leaves turn brown and fall
That’s thermodynamics’ second Law
But from a deep view
That doesn’t need to be true
Time symmetry precludes entropic time

Maybe this won’t last very long
Our cosmos’s light
A fluctuation
In that case it’s probable we are
A brain without a jar
Decomposed in a moment

Who knows if that’s true and I’ll be gone
Thermalized before you hear this song
I’ll take my chances
Though I can’t disprove these answers
That there’s a reason for entropic time

One must go right back to the start
The order from whence all things fell apart
All life hinges on the state that was
We hope to find its cause
But it’s more than we know now

Maybe there’s a time-symmetric space
Birthing big bangs all over the place
That then disperse as
New baby universes
With their own direction of entropic time

Woah arrow of entropic time
Woah arrow of entropic time


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Author: dhobson