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running is amazing and I’m going to tell
you why you should do it so if you’re a
bit like me you’ll naturally quite
neurotic well you might be a runner
without realizing it I’ve never been
very sporty because frankly I detest
other humans but when I was about 20 my
cousin took me for a run and I got back
and I noticed my head actually worked
and wasn’t full of that was
about seven years ago and I’ve been an
obsessive runner ever since and if
you’re a bit bucking highly strung and
prone to brain fog running might be for
you too first things first
shoes most people spend a lot of money
on shoes don’t unless you’ve got weird
feet or something you honestly don’t
need to it’s a scam I bought these a
year ago they’ve been well over a few
hundred miles and they feel great and
there are about 20 pounds or $25 you’ve
already got legs and evolution gave them
to you for free you’re grateful bastard
next I use one of these it’s a Garmin
Forerunner and costs very little for
what it is basically it tells me how far
I’ve gone so it means you don’t need to
work out a route and you can just go
running around without worrying about it
right here’s the part no one tells you
the first week isn’t going to be that
fun I think we should just be honest
about that if you don’t run you’re going
to use muscles you don’t normally use
for walking plus you might be out of
shape or whatever but just don’t expect
it to be lovely yeah but hang in there
chuckles it gets better so I would make
5k your first goal anyone can do 5k
after a few weeks practice find a route
on Google distance calculator link below
and work towards doing it trust me the
more you think you can’t do it the
better it will feel when you do which
you will take it slow don’t sprint just
enjoy speed comes later all right
at some point when your body is used to
it you’re going to get what’s called
runner’s high which is about as good as
the best drugs I’ve ever taken except
your head stays perfectly clear if like
me you avoid things a lot this will be
the perfect time to think about them
you’re full of adrenaline you actually
feel alive and you’ll be able to make
difficult decisions about your life some
of you have asked where I get ideas for
videos well here it is I spend about
three days panicking because I don’t
have an idea good enough to make into a
video then I go for a run and something
always turns up it might be it
might be unrelated to YouTube but you
always have ideas or insight into
something this is what running is for it
isn’t exercise it’s meditating with your
all right now if you’re running 5k you
can probably already do ten without
realising do it if you want to go
further if you like you will always
underestimate what your body is capable
if you feel like you can’t go on go on
if you feel like you have to stop don’t
just drop lightly instead when you push
yourself your body rewards you with
endorphins and all sorts of lovely
feel-good chemicals push yourself I use
one of these it’s an iPod Nano
I don’t like Apple all that much but
this thing is made of unicorn
jizz seriously it’s been in a river
dropped stamped on left outside
overnight a few times and it’s been
working now for years I’ve put together
a little running playlist for you linked
below and this is the stuff I go running
two top favorites a System of a Down
Rage Against the Machine saw wax the
Talking Heads Rammstein basically
anything that makes you want to move
around obviously you can run in silence
but music is extremely useful for
motivation it is for me anyway seriously
get it right and after a week you’ll
notice these little wonderful insights
into your life that you weren’t having
before problems aren’t that big anymore
you’re more motivated you’re slimmed
down you’ll just feel generally better
now obviously you can get it from
lifting or sport as well but if you’re
an introvert or someone who prefers
being alone a lot of the time to think
things over
this is the way to do it seriously some
days it feels like is built into our
genetics to get high on exercise and it
probably is we’re not designed to sit
around in offices all day we’re
hunter-gatherers nothing has changed
physically I don’t know about you but if
I sit around all day I feel horrible
it’s like sex you’re not great to begin
with but you get a bit of practice and
seriously you will come to love it no
pun intended
do it for a week if you hate it you hate
it that’s fine but I bet you won’t a few
do’s and don’ts I noticed try not to eat
before you go out your body will
run better on decent carbohydrates
rather than huge amounts of sugar and
don’t kill yourself I said push yourself
but if you’re in pain then fine take the
day off
and lastly seriously find good music
anything you like but when it’s just the
right speed and something you love is
one of the best feelings in the world
when the Sun is going down and you’re in
the forest then you’re running up a hill
too well personally hysteria by Muse
that’s about as close as I personally
come to feeling truly truly free it’s
that simple
try to go 5k further each week if you
can usually the further you go the
deeper the feeling of freedom and
insight is and if you still have a
problem in your life after running ten
miles then it’s probably a pretty
serious problem there will be bad days
don’t worry there are with anything just
take the day off you’ll feel better
tomorrow and you can go again the only
warning I have is a if you
heart condition don’t be an idiot and be
be aware that this will become an
addiction I don’t run to keep fit or
because I feel like I have to I do it
because if I go more than two days
without it I start to get very irritable
and melancholy this may what happen to
you too it is a drug and you will a dick – it
pretty quickly but as drugs go not a bad
one gets you high might extend your life
keeps your thin acceptable way of
checking out girls in the park and
solves problems in your life and what
was the other point
oh yeah run

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Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/willunicycleforfood
Running Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6haVw-BFETzhfvJcmOnrs0K8_K584n1f
Distance Calculator: https://www.daftlogic.com/projects-google-maps-distance-calculator.htmC:/DOS

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